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Sherpa Shangrila Resort



Midway between Lukla to Namche, Sherpa Shangrila Resort is located in Phakding; a small village at 2,620 meters in the heart of Nepal's Khumbu region. Phakding lies in the Dudh Koshi river valley, and is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 1979. Featuring breathtaking mountain views, refreshing sounds of the river, and rich green trees surrounding the resort, we offer 32 comfortable guest rooms with classic Himalayan charm. Serving guests with warm hospitality, we go up and beyond to provide our clients with the best service available, in both traditional and modern manner. 


We hope to share with you this region’s unique way of life, which can no longer be found in the chaos of cities and hustle of modern day routines. Explore the Buddhist monasteries, local schools, traditional lifestyles and culture of the villagers. Whether you plan to spend every day of your vacation on hikes at the mountain, or you are looking to relax and unwind, Sherpa Shangrila Resort offers the chance for everyone in your group to get the most out of their vacation.



The rooms are spacious and feature additional amenities such as a heated mattress pad, 24/7 access to hot water, WiFi, coffee, and tea. Hot and cold beverages with snacks are also available to purchase in the main lounge area throughout the day. Board games, chess, cards, and a television are available for guest use.



Private Helipad


Helicopter landing available for guests upon request. Choose to reserve the most ideal pick up and drop off hotel transfers to make conveyance to and away from our resort stress free!



Experience the energy to feel free, relaxed and let go of all your stress as you indulge into the nature by allowing your mind, body, and soul to be one.

Daily Housekeeping

Our housekeeping team provides room cleaning on a daily basis, with daily replacement of towels and bed sheets.


Optional participation in sightseeing and tours are offered during your stay. Please let us know if you would like us to arrange your commute to and from Phakding. 



Basic internet access for any device is available upon request to our clients.

Laundry and Ironing​

If you need to clean your clothes during your stay, do not hesitate to contact the concierge and we will take care of them.



Monastery Tour


A short 20 minutes hike up to sightsee the buddhist Thaktul Monastery where you can witness monks practicing their chants.

Local Village School Tour

Visit the students and get an insight on how many children travel hours across mountains to attain education at Everest Basic School in Gumela. 


Our garden space is open for our guests to explore and learn more about the local and wildflowers grown in the region. 

UNESCO World Heritage Site

Located 35 minutes away in Monjo, you can visit one of Nepal's Heritage Site; Sagarmatha National Park.

Horse Riding 


Riders of all levels are welcome to experience the opportunity of mountain rides alongside the beautiful scenic trail of the Himalayas with a wonderful photo opportunity.

Leisure Activities

Join us for a fun stretching on one of our morning activities such as yoga, gardening, and  hiking.

"3 days was not enough as it was the best way possible to unwind and relax. Also, the views of mountains outside my window and sound of river was an extra bonus!"

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